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The scope of T. Aloise & Company’s marketing research and management consulting services includes the following:

  • Best Practices/Benchmarking Best Practices/Benchmarking
    We assisted a commercial finance client relative to business process best-practices in a number of areas. The client’s objective was to educate its personnel on what the best-in-class companies are doing and how it might emulate their successful practices. Some of the areas covered in this assignment included: application processing; credit decision/underwriting; compliance/ audit procedures; fraud protection; accounting systems; portfolio management; billing and cash application processes; collection protocols; customer service models/self-help web portals; employee training; and outsourcing. To conduct this research, we interviewed our client’s customers, referral sources, and competitors.
  • Branding, Image, and Positioning Research Branding, Image, and Positioning Research
    For an information technology company that creates and supports business enterprise systems for the financial services industry, we determined what customers think of our client in regards to its service, value, innovation, industry leadership, etc. We also uncovered what are the most positive attributes of our client and how well these attributes match what customers think are most important in a relationship. This led to a determination of what service and image aspects that needed to be improved, particularly in light of competitive pressure and service alternatives.
  • Competitor Analysis/Primary Provider Comparisons Competitor Analysis/Primary Provider Comparisons
    For a national lender who provides retail financing to dealer organizations, we track the penetration of competitors into our client’s customer base, including the determination of the valued position of “primary provider.” We provided insight to what each competitor was doing to secure a primary provider position and how likely our client was to earn additional business versus each competitor and why.
  • Customer Satisfaction/Retention Customer Satisfaction/Retention
    Many clients are already familiar with our ability to successfully survey their customers, prospects, and referral sources about various aspects of service quality. For several clients on an ongoing basis, we capture and interpret findings in regards to: willingness to recommend, overall satisfaction and loyalty, problem resolution, and satisfaction with specific in-house groups such as customer service departments, billing, payment processing, and credit/underwriting/risk management. Satisfaction and retention measures are tracked versus for each client versus industry and competitor benchmarks.
  • Employee Engagement/Satisfaction Employee Engagement/Satisfaction
    For a financial institution serving small to mid-size businesses, we simultaneously conducted both a customer satisfaction study and employee engagement research that touched every employee that had customer contact. We were able to show that several causes of customer dissatisfaction were linked directly to a lack of resources and training for employees who were charged with solving customer problems.
  • Lost Client/Lost Bid Analysis Lost Client/Lost Bid Analysis
    For a client in the transportation management industry, we evaluated why business was won, why ex-customers chose new providers, and why prospects ultimately selected another provider. All information is gathered through in-depth, one-to-one interviews with decision-makers.
  • New Product Development/Evaluation New Product Development/Evaluation
    For a major U.S.-based global bank, we helped them develop new international capabilities to support its customers in their cross-border business. Specifically, we conducted research to: identify the key market segments that have expanding international needs; profile how companies view our client relative to its international capabilities and look for gaps in terms of what it provides and what is “missing;” profile examples of customers’ needs that are outgrowing their banks’ trade capabilities.
  • Sales/Marketing Effectiveness Sales/Marketing Effectiveness
    For a lender that serves the small business market in the Southwestern US, we evaluated the ability of branch banking business development officers to recognize and respond to customer product needs, including the effectiveness in the hand-off and referral to product sales people.
  • Training Effectiveness Training Effectiveness
    For an information technology company that serves small investors, we determined the value of its existing training programs provide for clients, identified specific strengths and weaknesses of the training programs, elicited suggestions for improvement.